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About Course

What is digital marketing?

Digital media marketing refers to the use of digital channels, which include websites,
social media, email, and also include mobile applications, to promote products and services. It encompasses a vast range of activities that include content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization that is SEO, email marketing, and online
advertising. Digital media marketing is important for businesses looking to reach and also
engage with their target audience online. It allows businesses to leverage the power of
the internet to connect with customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Digital
media marketing is day by day evolving, with new trends and technologies emerging
regularly. Digital marketing is very important for businesses of all sizes as it offers many
benefits and impacts. Here is why it matters.

Why choose a digital marketing course?

A digital marketing course usually covers a wide range of topics to give students a
comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies and also techniques. It makes you able to display your product digitally worldwide.
Course duration: 3 months

Course outlines:

Week 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

● Overview of digital marketing
● Evolution of digital marketing
● Importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape.

Week 2: Website Planning and Creation

● Basics of website development
● Website design principles
● Content creation and optimization for websites

Week 3:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

● Introduction to SEO
● On-page and off-page SEO techniques
● Keyword research and analysis
● SEO tools and analytics.

Week 4: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

● Introduction to SEM
● Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Bing Ads
● Creating and optimizing SEM campaigns
● SEM metrics and analytics

Week 5: Social Media Marketing

● Introduction to social media marketing
● Social media platforms and their uses
● Creating and managing social media campaigns
● Social media analytics and reporting

Week 6: Email Marketing

● Introduction to email marketing
● Building and managing email lists
● Creating effective email campaigns
● Email marketing tools and automation.

Week 7: Content Marketing

● Introduction to content marketing
● Content creation and distribution
● Content marketing strategy and planning
● Content marketing metrics and measurement.

Week 8: Mobile Marketing

● Introduction to mobile marketing
● Mobile app marketing
● Mobile advertising
● Mobile marketing analytics

Week 9: Digital Marketing Strategy

● Developing a digital marketing strategy
● Setting goals and objectives
● Budgeting and resource allocation
● Monitoring and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

Week 10: Digital Marketing Analytics

● Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics
● Key performance indicators (KPIs)
● Google Analytics and other analytics tools
● Interpreting and using data to improve marketing efforts.

Week 11: Digital Marketing Trends and Future Outlook

● Emerging trends in digital marketing
● The future outlook for digital marketing
● How to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.

Week 12: Discussion and FAQs, passing the test for certification.

Venue & tutors:

The course will be held online by the mentors of Hawks International institute, at Hawks

What Will You Learn?

  • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition across digital platforms.
  • Increased lead generation and customer acquisition capabilities.
  • Valuable skills for adapting to evolving digital trends and technologies.

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