Video Editing, Animation and Vlogging

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Welcome to Hawks International Institute, where we offer comprehensive courses to help you master the art of Video Post-Production and excel in the dynamic Broadcast and Digital Media Industry.

Our Video Post-Production course is designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s media landscape. Through intensive practice-based learning, students will gain proficiency in video editing,
motion graphics, VFX, text animations, and Vlogging techniques.

Divided into three parts, this demanding course covers the following areas:

1. Video Editing and Animation: Students will learn the fundamentals of video editing, including cutting, trimming, and sequencing footage, as well as advanced techniques such as motion graphics and visual effects. By mastering these skills, students will be equipped to produce high-quality video content for various platforms.
2. Vlogging: The art of Vlogging has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing creators to connect with audiences worldwide. In this part of the course, students will learn how to create engaging Vlogs that resonate with viewers and help build a loyal following. From content creation to audience engagement strategies, students will explore the ins and outs of Vlogging as a powerful communication tool.
3. Theory and Practice: Throughout the course, students will delve into both the theoretical and practical aspects of video editing and post-production. By understanding the roles and responsibilities of a post-production professional, students will be prepared to tackle real-world projects with confidence and precision.

Upon completion of our Video Post-Production course, students will not only possess the technical skills needed to succeed in the local, international, and freelance markets but also the ability to forge meaningful connections and enjoy creative and
financial freedom in the broadcast, film, and digital media industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and embark on a rewarding career in Video Post-Production. Enroll in our course today and unlock your potential in the world of media and entertainment.



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